The end……..

May 14, 2010

Well my few months of blogging are finally over. If I was to do this again I would definitely make sure I updated my posts more regularly and try to get more comments.

So long fellow bloggers

Xx Wendy xX


The tooon (town) moor

May 14, 2010

Well it’s nearly here. The hoppings comes to Newcastle every year for a week of fun-filled events. It is one of Europe’s biggest travelling fun fairs. It has many different rides, food stores, arcades,donkey rides and traditional fare stands. (You can’t leave without taking a coconut home). It really is a fun night out. It looks amazing on a night when all the lights are glowing. However be ready with ya pound coins because you have to pay for each ride and it can work out expensive.

Friday June 18th till the 26th.

Xx Wendy xX

St James’ Park

May 10, 2010


St James Park is home to the toon army football team. Newcastle United. It is the 7th largest football staduim in the North East. It is also the oldest in the North East. It has the capacity to seat upto 52,387 spectators. It is also used to host International games aswell. 

The stadium’s location is close to the city centre, 500 m roughly north of Central Station, the main railway station of the city. The stadium is bordered by Strawberry Place behind the Gallowgate, Barrack Road in front of the main entrance, a car park to the north and Leazes Terrace to the East. Further south is St James station, a terminus station of the Tyne and Wear Metro line to the east, although the main Metro interchange strange, Monument station, is situated 250 m to the east.

It is ajoined to the famous Shearers bar. A very sophisticated looking place. I havent been in myself, but I imagine it being for money people lol, and thats not me :(. The staduim offers tours of the football grounds, the changing rooms etc. So if your a football fanatic, it might be a nice day out for you to pop along to good old St.James’ Park.

Xx Wendy xX

The big EAT (yum yum)

May 8, 2010

Well this will be the fourth year for NewcastleGatesheads EAT festival. It is a free weekend that will take place on the 12th and 13th of June. Tourists and visitors can sample and buy foods produced from local producers.

Another festival that will take place is Cakebook on Sun 20 June), where you can see iconic structures and buildings from NewcastleGateshead modeled out of real cake. :).  (I love cake) nom nom nom. The Great North Eco-Feast  onSun 27 June with chef Arthur Potts Dawson at  The Pearly Diner from the 22nd of June is a restaurant like no other where people who go there can choose anything and everything they fancy to eat.

It is a great day out and adds a little bit of ‘spice’ to your weekend.

xX Wendy Xx

Eye of the Tyne

May 6, 2010




This stunning and elegant bridge which was opened on the 20th November, has won  Britain‘s premier architectural award, the Stirling Prize. It is an iconic symbol of NewcastleGateshead’s dramatic cultural development.

The bridge opens and closes like a gigantic eyelid, this is so ships can pass through and provides a pedestrian link over the River Tyne from Newcastle into the heart of Gateshead Quays. On weekend nights the coloured lighting is spectacular. 

Some facts about the Gateshead Millennium Bridge:

  • Each tilt takes four minutes.
  • Powered by eight electric motors, equivalent to 589 horse power – more than a Ferrari F50 or eight Ford Focus cars.
  • Weighs more than 850 tonnes – enough steel to make 64 double-decker buses or 16 Chieftain tanks.
  • So energy-efficient it costs just £3.60 each time it opens

It is really nice to walk over the bridge on a night-time when the lights are glowing over the river Tyne. It is a must see and do when coming to Newcastle.

Let me know if you have had any rememberable experiences on it, maybe a first date, kiss or even marriage proposal haha now that would be romantic I think. Or more than likely you have stumbled across it after one or to many cocktails. 

 xX Wendy Xx

Angel of the north

May 4, 2010


As most people should know ( Well especially us geordie lot) The Angel of the North is what put Gateshead on the map :). It cost £800,000 in total to be designed. Now some people may think that amount of money for some old rusty sculpture. But it is the significance that it has that makes it worth every penny I feel. The angel has a few very importnat meanings, it reminds us of where the coal miners once worked for over 200 years.  It expresses the transistion of change, and focuses on hopes and fears.

The Angel is set on the A1 motorway and can be seen for miles. It attracts many visitors from all over the world. It is a definate must see.

Upload any funny photos or videos you have of the angel of the North, and let me know what you think.

Xx Wendy xX

MetroCentre the ultimate shopping experience……

March 26, 2010

For all who folks who have not heard of the Metro Centre it is Europe’s largest indoor shopping complex, based in Gateshead. With more than 300 shops and restaurants you are definitely in for a full filled day. As part of a huge development which took place last year it has a 18 lane bowling alley, new dining experience and it also boasts its very own IMAX 12 screen cinema which shows all the latest films and those that are in 3D.

It has thousands of free parking spaces and is very easy to get to. Also with a direct train to and from the shopping centre  if you dont drive.

I actually work in the metro centre in STARBUCKS red mall lower floor. Please do come visit it me and buy a coffee :).  Let me know what you think, and have you have visited the new yellow mall.

Wendy x x x

Floritas Floritas!!!!

March 21, 2010


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I have recently found the most amazing cocktail bar in Newcastle called.. you guessed it Floritas. I love cocktails. You have to go if you like to love cocktails. The first time I went was on a Sunday night for a friends birthday. As soon as i walked it I noticed all the amazing artwork covering every inch of the walls and the bongos and african style stage area. It just had a really good vibe. It even had a secret garden for smokers where they could sit in an exotic style garden and smoke to their hearts content.

Now back to the cocktails. Pina coladas, pineapple punch (actually comes in a real pineapple), slush cocktails and they are all freshly made right in front of your very eyes. Anyone looking for a sophisticated start to a night out, I sincerely recommend Floritas. Average price of a cocktail arounf £5 but lasts for a while as they are quite big. Let me know if you have been before or if you would like to go and I will be more than happy to go with you hahaha.


New Look for Eldon Square

March 8, 2010


Wow wow wow it’s finally open. After all the disruption of road works, closed roads and building noise, the shiny new St Andrews mall in Eldon Square is now open. I was a bit late in going in fact nearly 3weeks late but hey im a busy gal (girl). The £170m revamp boasts a 4storey Debenhams, where I was allocated a personal shopper to help me find my perfect party dress. The store was emaculate. Also New Look has two floors packed with all the latest styles and offers clothing for men, women and children along with a massive accesorie department. I was well impressed as New Look is my favourite shop.

The only downside I feel, is that when I was in there I didnt actually feel like I was in Newcastle. I felt like I was in London. It just didnt have that homely feeling to it. However I dont think this will affect visitors from outside of Newcastle. Please let me know what you think of it if you have been.

Wendy XxX

The birth of my blog

February 22, 2010

Well I have finally decided what I want to blog about. Something which I hope will help me in my future career. After a discussion in MAC 299, my lecturer Philip Young asked where would you recommend someone to visit in Newcastle. The first response from most people were to have a night out there. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good old night out in the ‘toon’, but I want people to want to visit for other reasons, like;

  • Museums
  • Landmarks
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Attractions
  • Places to stay
  • Places to party

Now you maybe thinking why would a “Geordie lass” want to write a blog about somewhere she should know the in’s and out’s of. But a matter of fact is, ‘yes’ I may know some places but I haven’t actually been in the Sage, or up to the Angel of the North.

So this is to be my mission, to visit the places of importance in Newcastle and see for myself what they are like and upload my own photos and review them. I will hopefully write to persuade my readers to also visit and to comment on what they liked and disliked about the different attractions.

I welcome any ideas of where I should visit first.

Hope to hear your thoughts.